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1706 N Falls Blvd
Wynne, AR, 72396
United States



Our Star Printing family is dedicated, hardworking, and downright fun.

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Harry Crawford

Harry Crawford

Harry is the owner, boss, printing extraordinaire, handyman, and computer engineer who has led Star Printing for over 40 years, earning him the nickname “Harry Star.” Follow him home and you'll find him working around the house or in the yard. He's always got a project.

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Gina Bedwell

Gina is the brains behind the bindery. She can cut, fold, staple, punch, and shrink-wrap in her sleep. Gina believes that playful pranks make the world go round, but her serious side shows in her dedication to delivering quality to her customers.

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Roger Winkler

Roger is the master of the presses. He's been running them for many years, and he knows how to make them sing. His daily delivery run keeps local customers stocked and happy. On the weekend, look no further than the stage to find Roger; he’ll be behind his bass guitar.

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Gail Crawford

Gail runs the numbers and the day-to-day business. She's got a smile as big as her heart, and she shares both with everyone she knows. When her hands aren't flying 90-miles-a-minute on the adding machine, they'll be on her steering wheel, driving her to visit family, friends, or really good restaurants.

Annette Tracy

Creativity is in Annette's bones. She is our graphics guru, designing everything from business cards to bridal shower invitations. Fun-loving and energetic, Annette is always finding ways to make life more colorful. 

ANGELA shepard

Angela is the steward of the front desk, always ready to help you find what you need. She has a smile in her telephone voice and an even bigger one in person. As a busy mom of two sports-loving teenagers, Angela is dedicated to fitness and to her family life (including her Star Printing family!).